Ryan Howerter Made a Lego Pinhole Camera Fit for a Minifig

Ryan Howerter Lego Pinholo Camera-11

All images by Ryan Howerter. Used with permission.

We’ve seen plenty of Lego cameras from SLR look-alikes fashioned our of Lego bricks to a fully working 4×5 camera complete with bellows, and now a tiny Lego pinhole camera made with just a single LEGO brick? We never thought it would be possible, but Ryan Howerter, a photographer and artist from Colorado, did just that.

It’s an itsy-bitsy little pinhole camera housed in a 2 x 2 Lego block and it really works. Ryan says it was actually pretty simple to make by drilling a hole in the brick and carving the out the middle tube with a dremel. There are no optics of course and instead the camera has a tiny piece of brass shim stock with a hole in it taped to the front of the Lego brick. To take images, Ryan slips in a tiny piece of photographic Ilford RC paper into the pinhole Lego camera.

So far Ryan says he has used to camera to produce a few small black and white images. “The hardest parts are loading the camera and developing the paper since it’s so tiny,” Ryan exclaims. “The photos were about 8-15 seconds exposures so it just takes some trial and error to find the right balance as with any pinhole camera.”

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