Lee Høwell Conveys The Beauty Of Ethnic Tribal Culture In His Breathtaking Composite Images

All images by Lee Høwell. Used with Creative Commons permission.

When it comes to conceptual portraits a lot of elements such as fashion direction, model poses and background setup need to come together in unison. Lee Høwell collaborated with fashion designer Stacy Jansen in creating a photo series featuring conceptual portraits clad in traditional ethnic tribal dress of indigenous tribes from across the globe.

The design of the ethnic tribal costumes done by Stacy Jansen was inspired by her own experience and time spent out in Africa, giving her a real insight into the people there. She has first hand knowledge of the tribal traditional dress and how it is put together and worn. Therefore, to recreate the imagery of models dressed in tribal wear, the sense of location is crucial to add context with the identities these garments represent. Not having the luxury to be physically in Africa for the shoot, Lee Høwell used his expertise in image compositing and manipulation to realistically portray the models in tribal costumes in their natural surroundings.

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