Leah Sobsey and Tim Telkamp on Creating Tintype Community Portraits

All images by Leah Sobsey and Tim Telkamp. Used with permission.

While it’s common for photographers to undertake photography projects documenting their communities, only a handful of them get the community itself involved. So when we came across the tintype project of Leah Sobsey and Tim Telkamp, we just had to put the spotlight on it. The aim of Tintypes: A Community Portrait was to engage with the community by bringing people together through the wet plate collodion process. But that’s not the only interesting detail about the project. Sobsey and Telkamp were inspired by the idea to get people to come out of their houses to check out and participate in their project — much like how everyone would head out at the call of the ice cream truck. And that’s exactly how things went down.

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