Amid Layoffs, Lytro’s CEO Promises Breakthroughs Next Year


Lytro, the camera for when you don’t know what you want to focus on until later, has had a hard time gaining traction in the camera space. With an entry price of $400, the Lytro is a bit of a hard sell when most folks opt for their phone or a ritzy point-and-shoot. The company itself doesn’t have as much presence as, say, Canon or Nikon, but there’s been some corporate resizing with a number of layoffs in operations and shipping earlier this year in February. Jason Rosenthal, Lytro’s CEO, told The Chronicle the ultimate goal is “to become ‘the new software and hardware stack for everything with a lens and a sensor.'” That’s a tall order, and while he didn’t give specifics, he did indicate that there will be new products at various price points.

Via SFGate