Roman Jehanno’s Latence II Captures the Stillness of Life

Roman Jehanno Latence II 1

All images by Roman Jehanno. Used with permission.

Photography is all about capturing a moment whether it’s action, comedy, despair, or any moment in life. Roman Jehanno, on the other hand, is in search of that perfect moment of stillness with his Latence II photo series. In each frame there’s a character standing beside themselves with a bleak skyline overhead and desolate backdrop behind them.

Roman says he was originally in search of the image walking around the suburbs of Paris. Night after night he would look for this moment where he was the only one left in the city. “One night I stopped myself on a crossroad and just froze in the perfect silence of the night,” Roman, a Hasselblad Masters 2014 contest winner, says. “I think this is exactly the moment when I started to think about this work.”

“I wanted to picture these fictional characters exactly at the moment where they disappear,” Roman explains. “In their mind they are thinking about their past life, and how was the world before.”

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