Antti Pietikäinen Takes us to the Misty Forests of Lapland Via Drone

All images by Antti Pietikäinen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

The Finnish Lapland takes pride in being a winter wonderland for travelers who dream of breath-taking landscapes, blanketed in snow. However, there’s more to see in Finland’s northernmost region, as Antti Pietikäinen shows us in his drone photos of summer in Lapland’s foggy wilderness. In his aptly named Misty Forests of Lapland set, Antti, who is based in the municipality of Muonio, takes us around the old fjells, lakes, swamps, and rivers that come to life during the summer in Lapland. During this time, the dark winter days give way to 24-hour sunlight: a stark contrast that is part of the allure of the region.

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Julien Fumard Documents Life with Sled Dogs in Northern Finland

All images by Julien Fumard. Used with Creative Commons permission.

In a simple but also charming photo diary, French photographer Julien Fumard shows us what it’s like to spend winter in the northernmost region of Finland, warmed by the company of some adorable sled dogs. If “must love dogs” is something you live by, the photos are definitely worth your while.

When we speak of sled dogs, we often think of them in highly energetic packs speeding their way across snowy landscapes. However, not a lot of us see them in more relaxed environments. Luckily for Julien, he was able to travel to the municipality of Inari in Lapland, the largest and northernmost region of Finland, in 2012. He went home with a collection of part documentary, part travel photos he called A Dog Life.

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