“She Found Me” Kurt Moser’s Words About His Camera and Shooting Will Make You Smile

“Lightcatcher” Kurt Moser tells about his “crazy love story” with a 111-year-old camera in this Al Jazeera short film

A few months back, we had the spotlight on Italy-based photographer Kurt Moser and his mind-blowing project – transforming a URAL 375 truck into one of the biggest mobile cameras in the world to take massive ambrotypes of the breath-taking Dolomites. Today, we learn about how his love affair with wet plate photography started with the discovery of a massive 111-year-old camera.

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Kurt Moser Transforms a Russian Military Truck Into a Camera and Darkroom

Ambrotype photographer Kurt Moser has big dreams for his craft. Literally and figuratively.

As if taking on a very challenging traditional photography method called ambrotype wasn’t already a big undertaking, Italy-based photographer Kurt Moser decided to go even bigger. He had the mind-blowing idea to transform a URAL 375 into one of the biggest mobile cameras in the world. The mission? To immortalize the majestic Dolomites in massive ambrotypes taken using the Russian military truck-turned-camera.

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