The Kúla Deeper Wants to Make Any Camera 3D-Capable

Kúla Deeper 3D Stereoscopic Adapter

Kúla Inventions Ltd., a startup company from Iceland, is currently crowdfunding a 3D adapter that will make any camera 3D-capable. Called the Kúla Deeper, the adapter they’ve developed attaches to the filter thread of your lens, and with the help of mirrors projects two images through the lens and onto your sensor (or film, or whatever type of camera you’re using.) Once the image is recorded, it can be run through the provided software, and turned into any kind of 3D output medium desired. But the greatest thing about the Kúla Deeper is that the technology is super simple, and that it won’t break the bank at all.

The project still needs to reach its funding goal of € 55k (US-$ 73k), of which it has so far raised only roughly € 3k. But there are still 37 more days to go. So head over to their crowdfunding page and back the project, because it would really be sad not to see such an ingenious idea be realized.

Via Photography BLOG