Mask: Exploring the Darkness with Kristina Gentvainyte

All images by Kristina Gentvainyte. Used with permission.

“I wanted it to be enigmatically creepy, and also a bit crazy.” states Kristina Gentvainyte, a Lithuanian visual artists based out of Ghent, Belgium when asked about her black and white photography series on masks. Gentvainyte describes her style and work as a collection of visual graphics and digital photographic manipulations with a heavy emphasis on minimal monochromes, perfect symmetries, modern forms, and organic surreal stories.

Although there are many eye-catching projects in Gentvainyte’s repertoire, it was the starkly haunting “Mask” project that immediately caught our attention. From the sheer creep-out factor of the animal masks themselves to the cornfield backdrop; “Mask” was a project that required further exploration.

Mask continues to be one of our favorite and most memorable collections in this month’s issue; the project illicit a primal fight or flight response and there are times where if you get lost long enough, it feels as if the masked models are staring right back at you. If you’re interested in checking out more of Kristina’s work, be sure to check out her personal projects page on Behance and her professional page as well.

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