Relics of the Past: Recovered Photos from an Old Kodak Camera


All photos used with permission from Chris Finlay.

There’s something intriguing about finding a partially shot roll in a newly purchased vintage camera, especially when you have it developed and still get some good useable shots from it. It feels as if someone just handed you a piece of undiscovered history and you get to be one of the first few to know about it. Better yet, it feels as if you just unearthed an archaeological find, as small and minor as it is.

Medical student and Reddit user Chris Finlay from Little Rock, AR experienced first hand what that’s like. Having recently discovered the joys of film photography, he found himself a box of vintage cameras at a local thrift store in his city. In that box was an old Kodak #1 Folding Pocket, its bellows intact. And in that camera was a partially shot Kodak Brownie 120 film.

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