Charlie Naebeck’s Energetic “Kinetic” Project Takes Dance Photography to New Heights

All images by Charlie Naebeck. Used with permission.

After more than a year of shooting, scouting for collaborators, editing photos, and putting everything together, Charlie Naebeck is finally set to release a book to culminate his Kinetic project. This series, which is an exploration of the energy of dance, is his own take on photographing the graceful movements of this art form through long exposures and multiple exposures. Early into the project last year, we’ve given a preview of his experimental and non-conventional approach to photographing the dancers he collaborated with. Now, he’s gearing up for a worldwide launch of his Kinetic book and an accompanying music album on October 20th.

To catch up with him and learn more about his project, we recently had a chat with Charlie, who shared in great detail the processes, motivations, and ideas behind Kinetic, as well as some information about his upcoming international launch.

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Charlie Naebeck’s Kinetic Showcases Experimental Photos of Dancers

All Images by Charlie Naebeck. Used With Permission. 

“I am a firm believer that the image exists in the interaction between subject and photographer, and not actually in the camera,” says Charlie Naebeck, in reference to his Kinetic series. “A lot of photographers are the other way around where they think the end game is what is important. It is not, it is simply the byproduct of the experience.”

Naebeck was first inspired to work on his Kinetic series by shooting some behind the scenes images for his friend and famous photographer Jordan Matter, who at the time was working on a Dancers After Dark series. “I watched how graceful and beautiful that the dancers movements were as they fluidly lept through the air hitting each jump. In that moment I became inspired…” he says. Not long after he was contacting dancers of his own, playing with ghostly movements, multiple exposures and the Kinetic series began to take shape.

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