KineRaw Goes on a Diet and Comes Out Mini


Indie company Kinefinity wants to give you image quality comparable to the BMCC. Seeing the market potential, the company has released details on the KineRaw Mini–which is placed at a much lesser price than its bigger brother, the KineRaw 35, in a much smaller size. The rumor mills are churning out a $4000 price point but we’ll have to wait for an official announcement.

The KineRaw Mini is essentially what makes up the KineRaw Super 35mm camera but in a lesser form. Inside, you’ll find the same sensor capable of ISO 10,240 and 2048×1080 resolution. Sadly, there is no compressed raw codec from the KineRaw or ProRes of DNxHD from the BMCC, just CinemaDNG codec that seems to be recording only internally. There is talk of an optional CineRaw encoder in the works if you need the specific format.


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