The Promise of Gnarbox Finally Realized in New Gnarbox 2.0 SSD Product

The concept behind the Gnarbox was always a good one, but the execution in the first gen product left a lot to be desired

We were always fans of the overall idea and concept behind what Gnarbox was trying to do with their product. As photography journalists who need to travel a lot, the idea of only needing to take a small portable storage unit like the Gnarbox with us was appealing, as it was to other types of photographers as well. But as is the folly behind many first-generation products, the ability to truly realize that capability had some road bumps in the original Gnarbox. It looks as if the second generation Gnarbox could largely address all of the issues previously experienced with the first gen product – or at least, that appears to be the case as presented by the Gnarbox team.

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