Kevin Krautgartner Plays with Light and Shadow in Aerial Photos of Dunes

All photos by Kevin Krautgartner. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following a lot of outstanding aerial photography lately for the abstract imagery they offer to intrepid photographers. It’s exciting to see them uncover nature’s breath-taking art that stays hidden from most of us. It’s also interesting how each shot is a testament to the impact of perspective on perception. Case in point is the expanse of sand dunes that German photographer Kevin Krautgartner captured to present a mesmerizing dance of light and shadows.

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Kevin Krautgartner Reveals the Pastel Beauty of Australia’s Salterns

All photos by Kevin Krautgartner. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If aerial photography is your passion and you’re looking for more impressive work to inspire you, we’re sure the work of German fine art, architecture, and landscape photographer Kevin Krautgarner fits the bill. In his two-part series titled Australian Salt, he gives us a bird’s eye view of the colorful salt evaporation ponds in Australia. Aerial photography brings to our attention some of nature’s most mesmerizing shapes and patterns. But in this case, we’re all eyes on the surprisingly artful colors we don’t usually associate with the process of salt making.

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