Kevin Kadooka’s Lux is a Gorgeous Box Camera you can Build at Home

Kevin Kadooka Lux Camera-8

Kevin Kadooka, maker of the Duo TLR DIY twin reflex camera, is at it again to create a new, entirely open-source box camera called the Lux. Designed as an unassuming little black box with bits of modern flair, the Lux was made with a 3D printed body, a single leaf shutter controlled by an Arduino processor, and yet still has a waist high viewfinder to help shoot on 120 medium format film.

Unlike Kadooka’s previous work, this one isn’t for sale. Instead, Kadooka’s goal is to make a completely DIYable camera using no parts from other camera manufacturers. Made with a 100% open source mentality, the Lux is a camera anyone could make at home. Aside from the 65mm Anchor Optics lens, all it needs is easily purchased off-the-shelf components and 3D printed parts.

To help others build the camera, Kadooka outlined the exact build of his camera with a complete parts list, the Arduino code, and all the 3D model files to fabricate the body. Check out more images of the Lux camera and what it can shoot after the jump.

Via DIY Photography

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