Why Leaf Shutter Lenses Matter


This post originally appeared on the Kern-Photo.com and is being syndicated at The Phoblographer with wedding photographer R.J. Kern’s permission. To see more of his work, visit his website or follow his updates on Twitter. All photos taken by R.J. Kern. Used with permission.

Award-winning wedding photographer and owner of Kern-Photo R.J. Kern reacquaints us shutterbugs about leaf shutter lenses and why they are important in his very informative blog post, “Why Leaf Shutter Lenses Matter,” which not only talks about what makes them so useful to photographers, pros and hobbyists, but also covers how we can use its features to our advantage.

From how leaf shutters work to how they work with strobes to why they’re so expensive in the first place, R.J. explains in detail how these powerful lenses can help you improve your photography. So listen up and listen well.

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