Viddy, a DIY Pinhole Camera You Can Assemble in 30 Minutes

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Viddy Product Images 2

Photographers looking to get into using a pinhole camera have no shortage of options but Viddy may be the cutest DIY kit solution we’ve seen yet. Viddy is a do-it-yourself camera kit that comes screen-printed on a slab of cardboard. Upon receiving the kit camera users can pop out all the parts and assemble it in just a half hour.

Viddy comes in green, black, blue or red and is patterned to resemble a vintage film camera down to a faux leather finish. The camera can take medium format or 35mm film and it’s been made with a laser cut pinhole for extra precision. Other than a few drops of glue, the stickers and split pins users need to assemble the camera are included.

Once assembled users can take out their cardboard pinhole camera out to shoot exposures ranging from just a few seconds to hours. Of course this depends on the speed of film users have inside and what sort of look shooters want to go for. Viddy also has a Pop-Up Pinhole app to help users figure out their exposure and exactly how long they should keep the shutter open.

The best thing about Viddy is it’s relatively inexpensive at £30 (about $50), making it cheap enough to take on a little side project to mantle piece for photographers. Currently Viddy is up on Kickstarter and has blow completely past its funding goal and cameras should begin shipping to backers this November. Read on to see more images of the Viddy as well as the actual photos it can produce

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