Female in Photo: 20 of the Best Women Photographers in 2021

I’m coming up on my fourth year writing for The Phoblographer. I’ve been nothing short of amazed at the standard of photography that’s gone to digital print throughout that time. It seems each year outdoes the last, with photographers constantly improving on the work from the year before. I also love that the amount of submissions we get from women photographers is steadily increasing, highlighting their voice in the space. In this piece, we’re going to focus on them and show you the best women photographers we’ve featured in 2021.

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How Karyn Easton Captures Mesmerizing Photos of Oil and Water

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“The real inspiration for the series came from the very simple idea that something beautiful could be created with household materials that typically do not mix,” the photographer Karyn Easton tells me. Featuring oil bubbles floating in a water dish, her ongoing series of macro abstracts highlights the tiny miracles that happen every day when two seemingly mundane liquids collide and repel. Even when she found herself homebound amid lockdowns, she discovered this basic concoction–a familiar favorite in childhood science experiments–provided hours of delight and fascination. 

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