Brush up on Your Hasselblad History With This Quick Video

Whether you’re a Hasselblad fan or not, you’ll appreciate the quick lesson on the iconic brand’s history and what makes its optics still one of the most trusted today.

Hasselblad remains one of the best known photography brands today. But apart from the premium price tag, it actually has a pretty colorful history and an outstanding track record in optics. If you’re not yet familiar with it, advertising and fashion photographer and Hasselblad ambassador Karl Taylor makes a brief mention of it in his short video.

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Karl Taylor Shows How Lighting Can Make Olympus and Canon Cameras Look Similar


Karl Taylor

Bigger sensor, better photos. That is how photography is supposed to work, right? Wrong, it’s all about the lighting. Photography instructor Karl Taylor has a new YouTube video showing just how important lighting is in a head to head comparison between a Canon 5D Mk III and Olympus OMD EM10.

One would think that a full frame sensor would completely steamroll the entry level Micro Four Thirds camera with a much smaller sensor. However, a relatively simple two light setup evens out the performance between these two divergent cameras.

In the video Karl uses an Octabox 75 to light his background. Meanwhile, Karl has his assistant hold a large white board to bounce the softened light from an Octabox 150 onto his model, Sophie. At the end of the day both cameras resolve nearly the same image with some slight differences in skin tone. You can check out the video after the break.

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