Juno Captures Magnificent Swirls of Jupiter’s Clouds and Storms

New JunoCam photos from NASA show more mesmerizing, out-of-this-world swirls from the Juno spacecraft’s latest flyby of Jupiter.

Are you a fan of all things space and astrophotography? We’re sure Juno is currently one of your favorite photographers — or will now be. NASA has recently shared some JunoCam snaps from the spacecraft’s latest Jupiter flyby, and they’re all, literally and figuratively, out of this world.

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Analog Love: Using the Jupiter-8 50mm f2 Lens on the Leica CL

Felix Esser The Phoblographer Leica CL Jupiter-8

After selling my Leica M8 a while ago, there was a huge gap in my camera collection: physically and metaphysically. There was a gap in my shelf, there was a gap in my lineup but there also was a gap in my soul. Because let’s face it, a Leica is not a camera you buy with your head, but with your heart. So I decided to get a replacement for it and bought a CL body — the smallest and cheapest M-mount camera ever made. And what is the cheapest lens you can get for your Leica? Well, the Russian Jupiter-8 of course!


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