Julien Douvier on Creating Hypnotic, Looping Cinemagraphs

Julien Douvier Cinemagraphs 5

All images by Julien Douvier. Used with permission.

Julien Douvier is a cinemagraph master. We’ve seen plenty of artful GIFs containing one small moving object. Julien, however, takes it to an entirely new hypnotic level with his frames of seamlessly looping motion from passing trains, this shot of a Ferris wheel above, to people walking down the street.

The 24 year-old Strasbourg, France resident says he has been creating cinemagraphs since 2013. At the time Julien says he did not even know there was a specific name for the images he created and it all started with a simple video he shot for a school project a year prior.

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