This Website Offers RAWs and JPEGs for Free

Photo by Wesaturate user maxigladkiy

If you’ve ever struggled with finding high-quality photos for your imaging needs, there’s a new website that offers to give them to you free of charge. This is the promise of a website called Wesaturate, founded by Seattle-based photographers Kash Goudarzi and Gifton Okoronkwo, and freshly deployed just this April. The platform claims to be a place where photographers can share and download RAW and JPEG photos for free, which can be particularly useful for those who are still learning the ropes of digital photography, or looking into purchasing their first digital gear.

“It’s great for anyone looking to download free, high-quality images and especially great for photographers who want to learn how to edit photos,” Goudarzi shared with us in an e-mail. “Another popular case is photographers downloading the RAW files of a certain camera before they decide to buy it or not.”

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JPEGmini, the Tool That Shrinks Your JPEGs, Is Now Available for Windows

JPEGmini website screenshot

JPEGmini has been around for a while now, as a web-interface as well as a standalone app for Mac OS. The clever software that shrinks your JPEG files up to five times from their original size without compromising image quality ist now available as a standalone app for Windows as well. The great thing about JPEGmini is that it creates 100% compatible JPEG files, but uses a special compression algorithm to reduce file size even further, without degrading perceptional image quality. We’re not sure what wizardry they’re using, but you can learn more about it on their website.

JPEGmini can be purchased for US-$ 19.99 via the JPEGmini website or from B&H Photo.

Via SLR lounge