From Belushi to Warhol: Marcia Resnick’s Portraits of the Bad Boys Of 1970s New York Counterculture

Marcia Resnick spent much of the 1970s and 80s photographing the marginalized, talented and creative souls — as well as some pretty famous rockers and poets — who were drawn like a magnet to dirty, old, low-rent and near-bankrupt New York City. They came there, Marcia observed, to re-invent themselves. “Musicians, writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers and dancers would congregate at clubs like the Mudd, Max’s and CBGB where they would enjoy the music and begin to collaborate on art projects.” Out of this scene came a mixture of punk rockers, transvestites, performers, and older counterculture figures who Resnick found intriguing.

Resnick recently published Punks, Poets & Provocateurs: New York City Bad Boys, 1977-1982 (Insight Editions, 2015), which focuses on what many consider to be the highlight years of New York’s counterculture. La Noir Image caught up with Marcia Resnick to learn more about the project and how she approached her famous and notorious subjects.

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