This Gorgeous Timelapse Video Will Make You Want To Go On An Extended Beach Vacation

Video thumbnail for vimeo video This Gorgeous Timelapse Video of Australia's Gold Coast Will Make You Want To Go On An Indefinite Hiatus - The Phoblographer

What makes Scientifantastic so fantastic? It’s not the fact that his work has appeared in big networks like Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Animal Planet or that he’s taken home an XPrize Foundation’s award for Exploration. It’s the fact that he scours the world for amazing landscape scenes, from Salton Sea in California past Ushuaia in Argentina all the down to Antarctica. And he’s got such awesome photos and videos to prove it, what with his alter ego, Los Angeles-based photographer Joe Capra, specializing in landscape and time-lapse photography.

But while Joe (aka Scientifantastic) has an amazing scenic portfolio full of sunsets and sparkling cityscapes taken from different parts of the world, with adorable little penguins and proud sled dogs to boot, it’s really his most recent timelapse that has astounded us. And we’re more than happy to share it with you.

Ever the traveller, Joe spent sometime in Australia recently. And as is his usual, he came home with breathtaking images and this timelapse video entitled “Australia’s Gold Coast”.

Shot in, well, Australia’s stunning Gold Coast with three Canon 5DIIIs for over two weeks, Joe presents a gorgeous from-a-distance look at the premier tourist destination down under. Yellow-orange sunsets, warm sandy beaches, powerful waves washing up on rocks and sand, and a picturesque city riddled with apartment high-rises and lush parks will hold your attention in this inviting video that has perfectly captured the vivid blues, greens, reds, and goldenness of this coastal city.

If you’re just getting back from your summer vacation, it’s probably best for you not to see it, since this timelapse video is going to make anyone want to pack their bags and go on an indefinite hiatus in Queensland.

Watch “Australia’s Gold Coast” after the jump.


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Joe Capra From Scientifantastic Has Created a Breathtakingly Beautiful Timelapse of Rio de Janeiro

Joe Capra Rio de Janeiro Timelapse Screen Grab

With today’s tools and technology, anyone can create a time-lapse video. In fact, we just recently showed you how to do it with your smartphone and upload to Instagram. But the real art is to create a timelapse that captivates the viewer with beautiful pictures, clever arrangement and a great musical score. Joe Capra from Scientifantastic is a true master of this art, and has created a number of mesmerizing time-lapse videos. His latest one shows scenes from Rio de Janeiro, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With cleverly composed images and a great arrangement, the video truly captures the viewer and shows them some of the most breathtaking views of the city.

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