João Pedro Catches Some Wicked Waves and Photos While Surfing

João Pedro-5

All photos by João Pedro. Used with permission.

Surfers have been using GoPro cameras for years to take amazing footage of cutting though a wave, but did you know it can also take incredible stills as well? João Pedro, a surfer and photographer hailing from Xangri-lá, Brazil, does just that carrying a GoPro 3 Silver Edition mounted to his surfboard or in hand without a surfboard at all.

“I started taking pictures two years ago, when a friend told me ‘man, you have take some pictures to show us how crazy is there when the ocean is in a bad mood,’” João said. “It’s not very easy to get used to, but with time and persistence I made it work.”

On top of the challenge of taking great images João says he also has to lick (yes lick) the lens to wick away any water droplets. João also has to bury the camera and waterproof case in anti-molding powder made for clothes for a few hours before a shoot to prevent any blurred images.

“My first 5000 photos were awful, but they encouraged me to try harder,” João quipped. “It should encourage you too, because photography is more than press the button, it’s a feeling, it’s Art!”

João also left some parting advice for photographers looking to getting into surfing action photography. “Be prepared mentally, physically, and spiritually  because you’ll need to be 100% and never underestimate the sea.”

You can check out more of João work after the break. Also be sure to visit his EyeEm portfolio and friend him on Facebook.

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