Madness of Many: A Story about a Cardboard Cutout Twin Sister

All images by Jessica Richmond and have been used with permission. 

Madness of Many is the name of this series from photographer Jessica Richmond in which she is photographing herself as she interacts with life sized printouts of–well, herself. We just had to know more about the story behind these images so we reached out to Jessica, she said “Photography has always been a process of experimentation and discovery for me, especially as a child. Curiosity drove my initial interest towards photography.”

The look and feel of these images, whether it be the harsh lighting or the printed ‘copies’ of herself, is just very raw, very authentic.  “It began with a specific process of photographing myself, printing myself life-size and then re-photographing myself with my printed, false double.” Jessica said when we asked her about the project. “I wasn’t sure at first how this would translate through a camera. It is a very fragile process, move a step to the left and the image falls apart. It takes a lot of tests and missteps to finally get it right.”

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