Vintage Silver Prints of Censored Dorothea Lange Photos to Start Auction at $30,000

Here’s your chance to own a set of rare vintage prints of Dorothea Lange’s previously censored photographs

Dorothea Lange remains one of the most important and renowned documentary photographers today, best known for her iconic Migrant Mother photograph. However, that 1936 portrait is just one of her gripping visual stories of families faced with hardship. Most likely unknown to many, she also once took photos of Japanese-Americans who were evacuated to an internment camp in California in the early 1940s. A rare selection of these photographs is set to go on auction for the first time.

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Go For Broke: Telling the Story of Japanese-American WWII Veterans

All images by Shane Sato via Go For Broke on Kickstarter

While war and conflict remain some of today’s most commonly documented and explored topics, there are still a lot of stories that remain untold. Through his fascinating photo book project on Kickstarter, Los Angeles-based photographer Shane Sato wants to tell a wartime story that is probably still unfamiliar to many.

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