Wingsuit Pilot Flies Through a Mountain Crack in Incredible Video

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Professional skydiver and BASE (Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth) jumper Jeb Corliss has spent most of his life trying to face down perils, whether it was catching poisonous desert creatures when he was a child or swimming in the water with a Great White shark, completely unprotected by a cage. He’s also spent the better part of his childhood dreaming of flying. So when he saw a BASE jump for the first time on TV, one of the few sports that provided both the sense of extreme adventure that he loves and the factor of human flight that he’s dreamt of, he knew that was exactly what he was going dedicate his life to doing.

Fourteen years later, Corliss has performed over a thousand BASE jumps, not only from cliffs and mouths of caves but also from such famous landmarks as the Golden Gate Bridge and the Eiffel Tower, documenting his incredible adventures with a video camera attached to him. Because of his feats, he is now one of the most well known BASE jumpers in the world.

On a foggy day in September of 2013, he took his death-defying skills to a whole new level. In a jump he fittingly named Flying Dagger, Corliss, dressed in his wingsuit, jumped off of a helicopter and successfully flew through a dangerously narrow crack on a monolith in the Jang Langshan mountain in eastern China.

His stunt was definitely not something most of us can handle or stomach doing. Thankfully, he recently published a video of his exhilarating stunt, so that those of us who are not much of an adrenaline junkie can enjoy the experience safe and sound. If you watch closely, there are a couple of seconds in the video when it almost seems as if he was scraping the side of the rock; but just when you start thinking he might be in trouble, he triumphantly makes it through the crack.

Watch the awesome video after the jump.

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