See How Janez Tolar Captures Magic Hour in “Before You Wake Up”

Janez Tolar - Before You Wake Up

Screenshot taken from the video


Here’s an inspiring short film for you landscape photographers. Janez Tolar is an acclaimed landscape photographer from France who spends the wee hours dawn and dusk out in nature to photograph landscapes. It’s a journey that Janez often takes alone, that is until fellow cinematographer Nejc Miljak and photographer Anze Osterman tagged along to shooting uplifting film about the landscape photographer’s work.

Entitled “Before You Wake Up” the short film examines Janez’s pursuit of photographing the mountains at magic hour. The scenes are beautiful and they capture a world we seldom see while we sleep and live in cities. Likewise, the writing is poetic to add  another layer of beauty to the video. See it after the break.

Via ISO 1200

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