Jane Dickson Documented the Darker, Crime Ridden Times Square

All images by Jane Dickson. Used with permission.

Times Square in the 70s and 80s wasn’t the squeaky clean version we know today–and we can thank folks like photographer Jane Dickson for documentary style images of what we knew of the era. Back then it was known for being New York’s hub of seediness, drugs and crime. Movie theatres were showing pornography and the streets were dominated by pimps and prostitutes – it was the mecca for indulgence and perversion.

Amongst the wild nights and regretful mornings, were ordinary people just getting on with their lives. During that era, Jane would go out late at night with her camera and document the tales and dramas that would unfold before her. The work she produced became a book – Jane Dickson In Times Square – and we thought it was the perfect time to speak to her about her life during New York’s darker period.

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