This is What Happens to You When You (Accidentally) Photobomb a Proposal Shot

In The Way Guy Disneyland

The poor guy. All he wanted was to get past the scene to catch a hug from Mickey Mouse. But as it so happened, the photographer hit the shutter button in the very moment where Mr Subtlety was so elegantly obscuring this historic moment. And who would’ve thought, the unforgiving internet community picked up on it right away. Because honestly, when you see someone taking a picture and decide to walk through the scene, you don’t pretend to be ducking like that. As if this silly pose will make you magically invisible. So thanks to his lack of sense for when to intrude and when not to, he is now known as the “In The Way Guy”, and already has his own internet meme where he is shown being in the way of actual historic moments. Well, I guess that’s kind of an accomplishment in itself. Not everyone has their own meme.

Via Happy Place

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