Italian Summer Transports You To The Coast of Tuscany

All images by Lorenzo Grifantini. Used with Permission.

Lorenzo Grifantini is co-founder of a successful architectural company, but as a youngster he always had a passion for the cinema, and by extension, photography. For the past two years he has focused on improving his technical knowledge of photography while always looking for new stories to tell through his images. One of his recent series, Italian Summer caught our attention.

“To me, autumnal England is grey and miserable. Italian Summer, on the other hand, is hot, colourful, tattooed, tanned, dangerous, feral, and furious.” Mr. Grifantini says of the series, “Ultimately, Italian summer is the season when Italians can express their lightness of being and their love for life.” Traveling to the island of Salina in Sicily, Salento in Puglia, and Forte dei Marmi in Tuscany Grifantini’s work does a masterful job of transporting us all to Italia.

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