You Can Get a Mac Pro for Free! All You Have to Do is Buy a Phase One IQ Back


“Buy a back, get a Mac” is the slogan that Capture Integration, Atlanta-based supplier of high-end photographic gear, is using for its latest promotion. Specifically, they want you to buy a Phase One IQ back, and will give you an Apple computer for free as a reward. As sensational as this may sound, one has to keep in mind the initial price point of one of Phase One’s latest digital medium format backs: the IQ160 starts at roughly US-$ 30k, and the IQ280 bundle with camera and lens ends at roughly US-$ 50k.

Still, we thought this is a deal is too good not to share it. Who knows, maybe one of you, our readers, was thinking about buying a Phase One back and a Mac Pro? Now you can get one for free! Isn’t that great?