Yahoo! Buys IQ Engines to Enhance Flickr’s Search Functionality

julius motal the phoblographer flickr iq engine

Flickr’s search functionality has always been a bit spotty. Given its massive trove of images, finding the one you want is a bit of a tall order as you can’t always rely on folks to properly tag what they’re uploading. That’s about to change with Yahoo!’s acquisition of IQ Engines, a company that helps you to automatically tag and organize your photos, which will ultimately make Flickr’s search functionality far more comprehensive. Anyone looking for a Google Images alternative can most definitely look to Flickr now that IQ Engines is joining its team.

With Marissa Mayer at the helm of Yahoo!, I think everyone can rest assured that Flickr will reclaim its lost glory, and it’s refreshing to see Mayer taking the necessary steps to streamline what is both a great product and community. Ever since the refresh several months ago, Flickr’s been on the up and up. It isn’t clear when IQ Engines’ functionality will go live, but it will be a welcome update when it does.

Via SLR Lounge