This Luxury Car Ad Was Shot Entirely on an iPhone

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You probably wouldn’t have known that the new Bentley commercial was shot on an iPhone if nobody had told you but it’s true. In an effort to introduce the Bentley Mulsanne’s uber sleek iPad integration system, which is part of the car’s connectivity and entertainment platform, the luxury automaker commissioned a creative team who has taken to the iPhone and iPad to film and produce the short documentary.

This elegant black-and-white short, entitled Intelligent Details, was filmed entirely on an iPhone 5s in New York City. It was then edited and produced using an iPad Air inside the car itself. Of course, they weren’t just hand-holding the iPhone. They had to use a number of iPhone accessories, including lenses, tripods, and mounts, to achieve such great and smooth results; but not more so than if they were using the usual film making cameras. By taking this route, however, they effectively hit two birds with one stone – they didn’t just advertise the car’s interior features, they also promoted the iPhone 5s’ camera capabilities.

Watch the short documentary after the jump.

Via Photography Bay

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