Drones Take Selfies Too In IOCOSE’s Awesome Series


All photographs taken by IOCOSE. Used with permission.

We live in a world where selfies are, much like trolls, just a part of our everyday cyber life, as reluctantly as we might accept it. These vanity self-portraits are so rampant, in fact, that it can now actually be considered an addiction that can affect people, especially those with already existing disorders.

But while selfies are now notoriously one of the top evils of society, it isn’t necessarily always a bad thing. Just like with a lot of things in this world, with the right talents and the right mind-blowing concept, it can be turned into something good, perhaps something ridiculously awesome.

Case in point is Europe-based art collective IOCOSE’s project, Drone Selfies, which is essentially what the title suggests – a series of selfies drones took of themselves. Initially, it might sound like an absurd idea, but seeing as the concept behind it is about parallel utopian world where war is nothing but history from a long-gone past, you’ll want to take a closer look.

We were so impressed with the series that we took time to chat with IOCOSE about this incredible project, among other things. Read their interview and see more photos from the series after the jump.
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