Invisible Light: Brendan Fitzpatrick’s Mesmerizing X-Ray Photographs


All photographs taken by Brendan Fitzpatrick. Used with permission.

A far departure from his usual work on street scenes, cityscapes, and bizarre portraits, Sydney-based commercial photographer Brendan Fitzpatrick might soon be starting a cool new trend.

While not patrolling city streets in New York City, Shanghai, or Bangkok for stirring images, this Australian photographer haunts radiology labs in his city and tries to persuade poor befuddled lab technicians to give him access to their x-ray and mammogram machines. What for? To capture the inner workings of an object in hand, whether it be flowers, sea creatures, or kids’ toys.

You see, while Brendan isn’t busy travelling the world for his advertising work, he is busy working on his Invisible Light collection – x-raying objects, mostly cheap bargain store ones at that, and then taking those images to post-processing to add colors to them, making them look again like their solid counterparts but more see-through.

The final results are stunning, even more attractive than the actual objects themselves, fascinatingly detailed, and make for perfect minimalist (and mesmerizing) wall art. And we thing that this photographic technique that Brendan himself only took on in 2012 might just catch on. Well, at least, it should.

See some of Brendan’s awesome x-ray images after the jump.

To see more of his great work, visit his website or follow him on Facebook for updates. To purchase prints, visit the Invisible Light web gallery.

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