Olympus: Allegedly Now Sony Will Be Investing

Yes, that’s the latest news about the scandal-ridden Japanese company that not only makes digital cameras such as the new OM-D E-M5, but are pretty huge in the medical industry. Allegedly, Sony will now be investing up to JPY 50bn, which translates to roughly EUR 500m or USD 625m. According to this report by heise Foto, Sony will receive 10% of Olympus stocks and thus become the largest shareholder. If the deal comes to be (it has yet to be officially confirmed by both sides), the two companies will be developing new medical technologies together. After Fujifilm and Panasonic, Sony is now the third camera manufacturer that is interested in joining resources with Olympus. The latter is in dire need of the money in order to finance its restructuring after the billion-dollar fiscal scandal last year.

Considering that Sony is one of the major manufacturers of digital sensors, what could this joint-venture mean for Olympus’ digital imaging segment? Will we be seeing Micro Four Thirds cameras with improved, Sony-made sensor some time in the future? Will medical equipment soon be labeled “Sony-Olympus”? Only the future will tell.