This Interview with Astronaut Randy Bresnik Gives an Idea About Photography in Space

This interview with astronaut Randy Bresnik most likely holds the answers to some of the most pressing questions we may have about photography in outer space.

Jared Polin, who runs the Fro Knows Photo website and YouTube channel, had just one question in mind: “Do astronauts on the space station shoot RAW?” From it came an idea to interview one of the astronauts up there. While he wasn’t successful in doing so, he was able to have a chat with one who had recently arrived back to Earth. In Jared’s interview, astronaut Randy Bresnik answers some questions many of us probably have about photography in space.

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ISS Astronauts Slip a GoPro Camera into a Floating Ball of Water in Space

Space GoPro

NASA has put out plenty of cool videos of water in zero gravity from crying in space, ring out a towel, or just play with a small orb of the liquid. Now three International Space Station astronauts are showing us how the world looks though a pool of floating water by pushing a GoPro camera inside. The three astronauts—Steve Swanson, Reid Wiseman, and Alexander Gerst—filmed the whole space experiment with a 3D camera and the results look simply stunning.

The video starts off showing the astronauts squeezing out water from pouches as it takes on a spherical shape. The camera simply passes through on the first attempt to lodge it inside the ball of liquid but the astronauts eventually get it to sit inside. As the GoPro is suspended in the water it records a snipped of footage showing the world being distorted though the flowing and ebbing water.

The video is one of the coolest bits of footage to come from space and it’s about the closest thing you can experience swimming in zero gravity. Check it out in 2D and 3D after the break, so throw on some 3D shades.

Via IFL Science

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This is What Lightning Looks Like From Outer Space


Ever wondered how lightning looks like from outer space? Well, wonder no more.

In light of the Firestation – an instrument that detects brief bursts of terrestrial gamma-ray flashes to observe and measure lightning flashes – being added to the International Space Station (ISS) late last year so they could learn more about what triggers lightning during thunderstorms, NASA has been sharing some photos of lightning flashes captured from outers space (like this one taken over California and this over the Middle East).

But its this up-close and personal photo above that’s been taking the social media – Reddit and Twitter, in particular – by storm. Not that we can blame them. Captured by an astronaut orbiting over Bolivia in January 2011, this image is of a white lightning flash beneath a thunderhead (a dense cloud often associated with thunderstorms) hovering over some city lights. It’s an awesome photograph that perfectly exhibits one of the universe’s many wonders.

The photo was captured pre-Firestation. To learn about the instrument and how it can help shed light on how lightning work, read more about it here.