Here’s an Interactive Chart to Help You Get Started with Photography

Where to start

Starting out with your first camera can be daunting when you know very little about exposure let alone the all the buttons on your new gear. Luckily for you Adorama TV’s Mark Wallace has introduced a “Where to Start Chart” designed to guide users through their exposure with interactive buttons leading to more tutorial videos.

The chart starts off simple enough with a tree that splits into depth of field and motion. In other words the chart is asking whether aperture or shutter speed is more important for your shot. Of course either route eventually asks the photographer to set up their entire exposure with an ISO speed plus the addition of monopods or tripods and flashes.

The chart does not go dive into complex lighting at all with soft boxes, umbrellas, or even off camera flash. But Mark promises he will continue to update the chart with more sections and tutorials in the future.

Check out the video past the break and download the chart here.

Via ISO 1200

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