Something Exciting This Way Comes: New Lens Attachment That Takes Interactive Panoramic Videos


Here’s an exciting new Kickstarter project that is setting tongues wagging! UK-based company, Eye Mirror, has designed a fun new lens that shoots interactive 360-degree videos at a 3040×3040 resolution!

The new lens is dubbed the Eye Mirror, and it allows users to capture panoramic videos at the super high resolution. Based on their Kickstarter video, the lens attachment looks super easy to use – all you need to do it mount it on your camera, point your camera up, and start recording your video! When you’re done, just upload and share! It’s a no brainer!

The best part about the Eye Mirror is it works on any camera so whether you have a DSLR, a camcorder, a GoPro, or even a basic point-and-shoot, you can use this lens! You can even take it underwater! Or is the best part the fact that people can interactively pan through your videos, as if they’re really there, experiencing what you’ve experienced? We’ll let you decide for yourselves.

The units will be available in March 2014. The GoPro version will cost around $249 while the regular version, which will work on any other camera, will cost $453. But if you’re interested in being the one of first few in the world to get this awesome new accessory, you can take advantage of their early bird special and pledge at least £120 ($195) to get the GoPro version.

This kickstarter project has already gotten £19,843 (that’s over $32,000!) worth of pledges so far and it’s not even halfway done! The demo video is after the jump.

Via Digital Trends

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