John Berner Talks About How Kodak Aerochrome Inspired His Art

Kodak Aerochrome, the legendary infrared film that has mesmerized photographers with its surreal false colors, has also become instrumental in artist John Berner’s installations.

When Richard Mosse completed Infra in 2011, he probably didn’t expect that it would become one of the most celebrated works of photography, and inspire creatives to seek to paint their own works with its surreal color palette. It was all made possible by Kodak Aerochrome, the famous false color infrared film that needs no introduction. Mosse eventually became the photographer who catapulted the film to cult status, with many citing his work as the stimulus behind their own forays into the legendary emulsion.

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Benoit Paillé Transforms Landscapes into Visual Poetry with Light

All images by Benoit Paillé. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Landscape photography is usually about capturing the beauty of nature and the vastness of the world around us. Still, there are some approaches to this genre that challenge how we perceive our relationship and interaction with these natural spaces. Montreal-based fine art photographer Benoit Paillé, for example, had a bright idea to investigate the conventions of landscapes by introducing a light installation into the spaces he photographed.

The idea for the project, which Benoit titled Alternatives Landscapes, all began in 2011 with a simple concept of “hanging out decorations in weird places.” First, he used 100 Christmas lights over a one meter square, then switched it with a light plastic square that held 300 LED lights linked to a dimmer. He tied the installation to trees using fishing lines, creating the illusion of a floating light source.

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