This Is Why Your Pictures Suck (And How to Fix Them): Part 3

The internet has become instrumental in how we share and access photography. Pictures once reserved for high-end galleries, accessible only to those with money, are now available for anyone with an internet connection. That’s a good thing. I do wonder, though, how has consuming photography online impacted the way we create. Has it, in many ways, made photographers lazy?

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I’m a Street Photographer and Gave Being an Instagram Boyfriend a Shot

To see what it was like to make photographs for “The Grams,” I turned myself into an Instagram boyfriend!

People travel all over the world to visit cool destinations. In previous eras, people were more than happy to get some snaps on a disposable camera, but holiday goers today take their photography very seriously. Social influencers are now a thing, and the everyday person is cashing in. That’s why you will often see the fashionable, beautiful girlfriend review her iPhone and promptly tell her boyfriend to “retake the photo!” I wanted to see what that experience would be like. Now, I’d like to say that, in order to become an Instagram boyfriend, I met the woman of my dreams. And I’d like to say that we both fell in love and embarked on a fantastic journey of emotional growth and development. But the truth is we worked with a highly talented, professional model to build this piece. Katie Hodgson is a UK based model who was more than willing to be my muse for what turned out to be a grey, rainy day in London (shocker!).

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