6 Things I Learned From Managing a Popular Instagram Account

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For the past three and a half years, I’ve had the privilege of running The Phoblographer’s official Instagram account. If you follow the account, then most of the posts, stories, and the odd IGTV interview were done by yours truly. For the most part, it’s been lots of fun interacting with the tens of thousands of followers we have. It’s also been an eye-opener in terms of how Instagram works. In this article, I will share six things I learned from managing a popular Instagram account.

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The Wonderful and Playful Street Photography of Laurence Bouchard

All images by Laurence Bouchard. Used with permission.

“I like the idea of building up a body of work that’ll exist when I don’t,” says street photographer Laurence Bouchard. And he will certainly be leaving behind a strong body of work. His street photography caught our eye because it’s clean and well-executed. Is it fine art? Is it raw and edgy? Or is it all of the above? Let’s take a look.

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How I Transitioned from a Musician to a Photographer

I’d love to give you some philosophical answers on how my photography connects to my music, but I can’t. Truthfully, I invested my time in photography almost in spite of music. Any musician who performs live has those dreams of “making it”, but the music industry is cold; everyone from the record executives to the club promoters. It’s all a business. I feel many of the creative industries are just that: industries.

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