6 Things I Learned From Managing a Popular Instagram Account

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For the past three and a half years, I’ve had the privilege of running The Phoblographer’s official Instagram account. If you follow the account, then most of the posts, stories, and the odd IGTV interview were done by yours truly. For the most part, it’s been lots of fun interacting with the tens of thousands of followers we have. It’s also been an eye-opener in terms of how Instagram works. In this article, I will share six things I learned from managing a popular Instagram account.

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Do We Really Need a Law Dictating the Ethics of Photoshop?

An MP in the UK is proposing a bill that is sure to impact celebs who depend on photoshop.

The Daily Mail recently reported that an MP in the UK has put forward a photoshop law that could ban celebrities secretly photoshopping their images. If passed, the bill would mean celebrities would have to label images that are digitally altered when those images are posted to social media. It’s unclear whether the bill will pass, but it does bring up the debate about ethics and responsibility. And although the focus will be on celebrities, responsibility also falls on photographers and photo editors. One has to ask if we have a duty of care to the wider public?

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Sophie Turner Shares How Photographers Should Treat a Plus-Size Model

We spoke to plus-size model, Sophie Turner, about her experience so far in our challenging industry.

“Fat people wear clothes too, and we deserve to see ourselves represented in campaigns.” Those are the raw, unfiltered words of plus-size model and influencer, Sophie Turner. She’s working in an industry which has said people like her do not belong for far too long. Times have changed, and so have attitudes. Because of this, the market has opened, and plus-size models are now part of the conversation. It’s not easy settling into an environment where people still struggle to accept you. However, Sophie – and many others like her – remain determined to be seen, accepted, and celebrated. In a story that’s seen her rise to superstar status, Sophie shares her experience in an industry guilty of shaping unhealthy beauty standards.

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