Awesome Disposable Cameras Projects That Will Inspire Your Own

These fun projects will change the way you see the humble disposable camera, if it hasn’t yet.

Compact, simple to use, and unexpectedly trendy, disposable cameras could just be the tool you need to get yourself out of a creative slump. It can be liberating and refreshing to leave all the technicalities behind and do a personal project with something as simple and basic as this tool. Why would you even want to shoot with something as “obsolete” as a disposable camera? Why would you sacrifice all the megapickles? The reasons tend to vary from photographer to photographer but everyone agrees that eliminating the technicalities and the “untouched” quality of the photos make for a refreshing shooting experience. Sure, some of you may argue that the smartphone and Instagram are already as “disposable” as snapshots can get. But there’s also something about shooting with the medium that started it all, don’t you think?

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