Photographer Gets in the Way of a Race, Prompts a Hilarious Reddit Photoshop Battle

photoshop battle

Sometimes photographers can get overly zealous about getting the perfect shot to the point where they pull the craziest stunts. They are human, after all. Thankfully, we have the Reddit community whose members are only too keen to downplay and find humor in it if and when it happens.

Case in point, this photo above – a photographer at a cycling race, caught on camera lying on the ground clearly in the way of some of the cyclists (as evidenced by the worried expressions on their faces) to get a good shot. Apparently, the photographer claimed he was never in the way of the cyclists – of course, he would say that – and he probably thought, in the heat of the moment, that it was the best idea. But his stunt could have just as easily gone horribly wrong.

Enter the Redditors, many of which are experts in photoshopping a ludicrous stunt captured on film into something completely absurd and comically brilliant. As soon as that photo was put up on Reddit, a Photoshop Battle ensued, resulting in a stream of hilarious images that give this photographer his rightful place in history, whether it was photographing Hitler inspecting his soldiers or taking a photo of a massive tiger taking a dump.

Check out the best photos from this battle after the jump.

Via The Roosevelts

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