Virgin Atlantic Releases New Animated In-Flight Safety Video, Pays Homage to Movie Genres


The Virgin Group is vastly known not only for its great airlines (I know I’m a fan) and very effective branding but also for its uncanny ability to present and sell its products in new, creative, and fun ways. I mean, who could forget Virgin America’s latest in-flight safety video, which features catchy singing and a lot of dancing and is nothing short of awesome.

We’re not so sure about this latest one the conglomerate released, though. For its new in-flight safety video, Virgin Atlantic pays homage to movie genres. The video is essentially a series of animated vignettes (or a montage if you like) of movie scenes – complete with car chases, (not-so) impressive sea monsters, and voiceovers with different (even less impressive) accents – and includes everything from classic black-and-white movies and old westerns to superhero movies and James Bond.

Don’t get us wrong. Creative directors Clement Bolla and Mike Moloney and their team of talented animators at Art & Graft did a really great job with it. It’s definitely more entertaining that many other in-flight safety videos out there, which usually bore the heck out of people. However, it doesn’t actually keep your attention for very long either. At least, not like Virgin America’s song-and-dance production does.

Then again, we’re not exactly the world experts on in-flight safety films. So don’t take our word for it. Watch the video after the jump and let us know what you think.

Via DesignTaxi
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