10 Ways to Immediately Rejuvenate Your Photography


We are all leading busy lives. So, finding time to dedicate to our photography can be a real challenge. But if we have any hope of improving our skills as a photographer, we need time and a reason to practice. Photographers get better by making photographs, over and over again. Most of them don’t have to be stellar images. What’s important is that the practices of seeing, composing and editing our images help us to develop important skills. Don’t wait for that  vacation or a workshop you’ve scheduled for this summer. Try some of these simple and straight-forward suggestions today.

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15 Way That Candids Can Improve Your Photography


You might think that making the casual snapshot or candid photograph might not lead you to become a better photographer. You thought wrong. Practice is practice and even the process of making candid frame photographs can help develop your eye for lighting, composition and much more. Here are a few ways that candid photography can help your development as a photographer.

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This is Why Your Pictures Suck

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Tamron 70-200mm f2.8 VC image samples (34 of 36)ISO 4001-250 sec at f - 3.2

Dear Charlie,

You’ve asked me in evaluating your work to be brutally honest. Admittedly, it’s something that other photographers have asked for, but I’ve always been reticent about honestly fulfilling such a request. I have often perceived it as the equivalent of a wife or girlfriend asking, “Do I look fat in this?” A frank, honest answer to that question is likely not going to end well.

However, you have been insistent about receiving such concise, unrestrained and to-the-point-feedback. So, I feel inspired to share with you why your pictures suck.

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the Candid Frame blog. We encourage you to listen to the podcast on iTunes.

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