Impossible Project Downsizes Worldwide, Focuses on a New Camera and Films

Impossible Project

Over the next few months the Impossible Project will be going though some big changes. Firstly, the company will move its headquarters and retail space to a new location in Brooklyn since opening shop in on Broadway and Canal in Manhattan four years ago. But more importantly Impossible is also laying off half of its US-based staff as a major downscale of its national customer service, warehousing, fulfillment, camera refurbishment, and repair services.

The effects of this restructuring won’t be limited to the United States, Impossible is also closing its offices in Japan and China. Impossible CEO Creed O’Hanlon claims the company has to shift resources to its film research and development programs as well as the design and development of a new camera it will launch in 2015.

“Impossible is becoming much leaner, but more efficient,” O’Hanlon wrote in a release. “We are returning to the basics of a smaller, more communal and manageable scale of a start-up.”

Moving forward Impossible plans to focus on film development and production at its plants in Monheim, Germany and Enschede, Netherlands. Impossible also recently hired on Stephen Herchen, former Chief Technology Officer for Polaroid.  With Herchen as Impossible Project’s new Chief Operating Officer the company hopes it be able to develop film that surpasses the beauty, stability, and instantaneity of Polaroid.